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How To Make Gold In World of Warcraft: Series 2

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How to make gold and gold-making strategies in World of Warcraft can definitely be something that is hard to pin down. Patches change every few months, as well as professions every expansion, crafted gear, and what may have been a good gold making method in one period of time may simply fall off into the twisting nether of antiquity. Today I’ll be starting a guide of sorts to help anyone who is stuck with not knowing how to make gold in World of Warcraft for whatever purposes you may need! Whether you want to make gold for a WoW Token, a new mount, or simply keep up with your fellow raiders, this is the guide for you!


Welcome back to series 2 of our continuing column geared towards making you, our loyal readers, richer than Harrison Jones after stumbling into Garrosh’s armory. This week we’re going to be swapping gears a little bit and focusing on the Enchanting profession, as well as some tips and tricks for the Auction House in general.

So Enchanting, let’s get to it. Turns out that players in WoW (and you’re super fortunate if you’re on an RP server) love to use transmogs and change their appearances. It’s one of the biggest markets that have come since Cataclysm and can be your entire business if you so choose. Enchanters have access to special “Tome of Illusions” that give weapons an appearance based on the illusion. Check out the screenshot to see what I mean:


That Azeroth swag.

These don’t come cheap either. On my server, a Tome of Illusions for Outland enchantments will net you anywhere from 3-5k gold worth of profit for about a 2k gold investment. Crafting Tomes of Illusions are definitely a solid strategy to making WoW gold with Enchanting.

The next tip for you guys is to disenchant Legion greens. Guess what a 50 gold Legion green disenchants into? Anywhere from 2-4 Arkhana, with a chance of being a rare Chaos Crystal! Now, currently Arkhana go for 30 gold on my server, turning my 50 gold investment into 90 in a few seconds. Do this a few¬†times (10 minutes or so for huge stacks of greens) and you can simply double your gold into the infinite! Chaos crystals are even better of course, as they sell from 200-500 gold per server. You can quintuple your gold on these procs, and it’s an easy task to sell these items or turn them into even more profitable enchants!

Now this is how you goblin.

As for the Auction House itself, many players know about the easy buyout feature that gives you the item you bought instantly in your mail. Many players also glance over the “Bid” function, and, as gamers who enjoy instant gratification, we often forget it in its entirety. However, paying attention to bid amounts can make an enterprising young goblin (that’s you!) quite the pretty penny when it comes to saving (and making!) gold!

For the example in my video, take a look at the Ethereal Soul Trader that I bid for on the Auction House. I bid on it for 26’000 gold while the actual market value for that item is a whopping 70’000 gold! As you can see, many players and even goblins such as ourselves tend to forget to set our bids high, and we can get pretty lowballed by our own values. Miss a zero in your bid, for example, and you might sell that 100k mount for just 10k on a bid.

Soul trader beacon prices!

However, if a player notices that their item has been bid on for a very low amount, they can simply cancel the auction and relist for an appropriate price. That’s why we check the “Time Remaining” column of every auction that we’re looking to bid on and only bid on ones that have “short” or “very short” timers. This art is underhanded and shady to some, but is known as “bid sniping” and is completely acceptable in my goblin opinion.

That’s it for today. Next time I’ll show you guys the easiest way to make wow gold with Jewelcrafting: The Felslate Shuffle.

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