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How To Make Gold In World of Warcraft: Series 1

How to make gold and gold-making strategies in World of Warcraft can definitely be something that is hard to pin down. Patches change every few months, as well as professions every expansion, crafted gear, and what may have been a good gold making method in one period of time may simply fall off into the twisting nether of antiquity. Today I’ll be starting a guide of sorts to help anyone who is stuck with not knowing how to make gold in World of Warcraft for whatever purposes you may need! Whether you want to make gold for a WoW Token, a new mount, or simply keep up with your fellow raiders, this is the guide for you!

Today’s lesson is simple. Many people ask the question: What is the easiest way to make WoW gold? The answer: Let it come to you!
This is the mantra that I like to apply when it comes to my gold making expeditions, as I truly do hate the gold grind in World of Warcraft, and simply prefer more passive gold generation strategies. Today’s strategy is going to go over Blood of Sargeras, the currently Bind on Pickup crafting reagent that allows you to do a plethora of things. While many people who aren’t crafters simply take these Blood of Sargeras over to Ilneas Bloodthorn in Dalaran, some might even go as far as simply selling their Bloods to any old vendor!

The correct strategy for non-crafters is to use Ilnea Bloodthorn and trade in Bloods for either Leylight Shards or Arkhana. I have found that this is the best way for non-crafters to turn their Blood of Sargeras in to gold (EU players can use to view the best purchases with BoS. Thanks Xathian!):

A blood for 3 Leylight Shards or 10 Arkhana. That’s about 300 gold on my server. Not bad!

For crafting professions with uses for Blood of Sargeras, it can honestly be any item that has the bloods as a crafting reagent. As my main character is an Enchanter and Jewelcrafter, both of my professions in tandem with Blood of Sargeras to create rare gems and necessary gear enchants. The best part is that these are super hot items on the market, as they are always being bought up and used by guilds – for enterprising players (that I know you all are!) this can be an extremely lucrative form of gold generation. Get those Blood of Sargeras and start crafting!

Just some sales of Quick Dawnlights made. Each Blood averaged out to profiting me 800 gold!

Your next question might then be: What’s the best way to get Blood of Sargeras? If you’re a tank or healer, the answer is simple! Call To Arms.

As tanks and healers (and the rare DPS queue) you can get a gold border around your role in Dungeon or Raid Finder which indicates that you’ll get additional loot upon completion of the content. Earning bloods by grinding dungeons is simply the fastest way, and when coupled with these rewards, you can make far more gold per day than normal. Shattered Satchels of Cooperation contain a few Defiled Augment Runes, which usually can be sold on your Auction House from anywhere from 400 to 1’000 gold a piece! Not bad considering these Satchels can contain 3 or more.

That’s all for this week’s gold guide. Next week I’ll show you guys some Enchanting strategies that you can use in Legion to make a killing in profits!

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